Fly Cabal LLC is a venture begun in 2018 in Riverside California. Our mission: Helping Southern California communities resolve their food waste crisis through Black Soldier Fly farming, while also providing a healthy & sustainable animal feed option for fish, pig, and poultry providers.

 Access to Optimal Leadership Foundation a 501(c) non profit collects food waste from local homes and businesses. Food waste is brought to our Fly Cabal facility to feed our black soldier fly grubs. That “trash” provides food for the larvae to grow. Larvae are harvested and sold live for reptile feed or to others to begin their own waste reduction efforts. Some larvae are dried and sold as a high protein food source for other livestock. The frass (or poop) of the larvae provides a microbe rich soil conditioner for gardeners. The result is a zero waste, closed loop and sustainable process.

How It Works

Waste Pickup

Non Profit organization arranges and picks up food waste  from local homes, restaurants and other businesses.

Waste Eaten By Larvae

Waste is hauled to Fly Cabal LLC where hundreds of thousands of black soldier fly larvae use it as nourishment

All Waste Recycled and Byproducts Sold

Larvae are harvested, some sold live and some sold dried for animal feed or further zero waste initiatives. Frass is used as a soil conditioner for gardens with a goal of a closed loop and sustainable system.

Local Customers

Our Location

Phone Us: Call +1 951-295-1832