History of Fly Cabal LLC


The Genesis of this work has been developed as the fruit of the work of a multi-generational farming family in Nigeria, which specialized in using Black Soldier Fly for the clean-up of Pig Manure. In recent years, Nigerian Farmer Vincent “Tope” Ajayi was identified by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) program and subsequently granted a scholarship to attend a Black Soldier Fly Conference in the Netherlands, which was being hosted by Protix. Upon completing the program, Mr. Ajayi came to visit his family who was studying in Southern California but was taken back at how much waste was left-over at buffet establishments at the end of the night. As fate would have it, he would soon create a relationship that would change both of their lives forever!



Tim Forrest has known of “food waste” for his entire life through the experience of being a picky eater, and struggling firsthand with the issue of customers sending food back at establishments. The ugly truth is that many times they simply throw it away and it ends up in the landfill with all the other forms of trash! In more recent years, while working as an educator within the California Public School system, Mr. Forrest began to become overwhelmed each day with the amount of food waste that was being produced within the school systems through their mandated complimentary breakfast & lunch programs.


Upon meeting Mr. Vincent Ajayi in early 2018, a partnership was then forged between the two families. FlyCabal was created for the purposes of using the Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) to decompose excess organic waste. When used properly, the waste can be decomposed through vermicomposting with BSFL. When done the BSFL can be offered as an extremely nutritious Reptile feed option for bearded dragons and gecko’s, as well as a supplementary snack item for chickens! Sadly, when it disposed of improperly, Organic Waste can be one of the lead contributors of methane leaking into our atmosphere through landfill gas. Our mission is resolve this crisis and to restore these nutrients back into the life cycle for us to better use what God has already provided to us!